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Uswa Education System

Named after the word Uswa used by the Holy Quran for the role model provided to the Muslims in the life of the Holy Prophet SAWW. (Al-Ahzab: 21). Uswa Education System is a subsidiary of Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust carrying out its mission in the field of education in the neglected and under privileged areas of Pakistan since 1994.


To make the quality education accessible to deprived communities of Pakistan integrating intellectual and economic growth with spiritual and moral development.


  • To provide quality education to the children of under privileged class of the country living in the remote areas in order to bring them at par with the children of other parts of the country.

  • To achieve academic excellence through developing existing educational infra structure so that the Uswa institutions are ranked among the top few in the country.

  • To incorporate moral education into the existing modern education in such a way that intellectual and moral growth are consistently balanced throughout the system. 


The main objective of this system was to reach all the underprivileged and remote areas of Pakistan. To achieve this objective Uswa planned a comprehensive network of schools in the remote areas like Baltistan, Hunza Nagar, Kurram Agency, Bangash and Hazara Regions of the KPK Province, Azad Kashmir, Interior Sind and the Rural Punjab. The Northern Areas were selected at phase one and then the system gradually moved to the other parts of the country. A year wise detail of schools so far established by the system is as under:

1994 06 2007 01
1995 08 2008 01
1996 07 2009 01
1997 07 2010 02
1998 01 2012 01
1999 01 2013 02
2000 08 2014 04
2002 01 2015 01
2006 07 2016 01